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Jan 12, 2005 at 09:37 PM

JSP Tag lib


I have defined couple of input fields, a textView and Button using the JSP TagLib in the JSP page.

I am calling this JSP in the doProcessBeforeOutput() of a class extending PageProcessorcomponent.

when the user enters some value in the Input Field and clicks the button, doProcessAfterInput() is executed

i took the values from request parameter and generated some output in a String variable.

How do i bind the variable to the textView of the JSP page(I think i should do this in the PBO method).I want to output the variable value in the textView.

Even if someone could help me with some documentation of how to debug, that would be fine. I have a break point in the application, but when i run from the server it doesnt stop there. I have WAS in debug mode.Do i need to do some config in EP for debug mode



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