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Jul 14, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Error calling BLS Transaction as Web service



I am trying to call BLS tranx as Webservice from another BLS Tranx.

I craeted the simple BLS with no input parameter and set only one output parameter.

Then i created the WSDL as

http://<server:port>/XMII/WSDLGen/<Transaction path>.

In new BLS tranx, i created the Web Service action block and gave this WSDL URL (http://<server:port>/XMII/WSDLGen/<Transaction path>).

I gave username and password and selected the port(XacuteWSSoap) and then operation( xacute).

In Links, I gave the Loginname and Password.

But while executing, it showed the error as

Error Invoking Web Service Action: Status (401): Unauthorized

My username and Loginname and passwords are correct only.

What is the problem and how to solve it.