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Jul 14, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Problem in Project progress



I am facing problem in Project progress report CNE5.

System is calculated 300 % poc in Adjusted aggregated actual POC & Aggregated actual POC field only after full confirmed the activity (Degree of Processing is showing in report as 100%).

If I confirmed 50 % then system is showing above value 0% .

Also while CNE1 system is taking default method as :SAP 0-100, so i changed it into activity by 00006 (Work) then system calculate the Progress but only after full confirmation, but again it is 300%. which should not.

The configuration settings are as

1. Progress Version: -

Progress Version : 100

Plan Version : 0

EV Basis : 1 ( Cost Plan)

POC weighting : 4 Work, Basic ( Active Project)

2. Group of Progress version:-

Controlling Area & 1

3. Assign Progress Versions to Group Progress Versions:-

Controlling Area, 100 & 1

4. Define Statistical Key Figure for Percentage of Completion:-

Usage SKF (with unit of measurement= %)

Controlling area 1 10

Controlling area 2 20

Controlling area 3 30

5. Define Measurement Methods:-

Measurement method :0000000006 (Work)

Meas. technique : E ( Degree of Processing)

Max POC : 100

6. Define Measurement Method as Default Value

Progress version(100), Object Type (2:Activity, Internal Processing), Plan/ Actual( 1 &2 :both), Method (00000006 :Work)

7.Maintain Assignment of Cost Element Group

Cost element (PS) , Default selection( Yes) & cost element group(PS_PROP)

I hope above information is sufficient.

My problem is system is calculating poc only after full confirmation but i want at partial confirmation. Also after full confirmation poc is showing 300% which i want 100%.