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Jul 14, 2011 at 08:29 AM

Basis issue - Changes required at SLD level to connect SAP and XI


Hi Gurus,

Hope you are doing well. My company has the usual dev, quality and production systems in XI connected to the respective systems on the SAP side. We are planning to do a disaster recovery test within which we plan to connect the XI quality system to the SAP back-up production system.

The logical name of the back up production system is same as the main production system. All programs found in the main production system are available in the backup production system. As part of this test, I have to send a file through proxy from the back up production system to the XI quality system.

I am aware of the changes that need to be done in ID in XI. Can you please let me know what changes need to be done at the SLD level to enable the back up production system to act as sender to send the requisite data via proxy to the XI quality system?