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Jan 12, 2005 at 01:32 PM

BSP / Web-Dynpro (Java / Abap) what to use in this case ?


Hi all,

i have some questions about all this BSP/Web-Dynpro stuff. We have an application (for health care written in Visual Studio) out there at our customers. Some of these customers are using SAP as their backend system. So we've writte some backend functionality (a cash processing, additional reports, a special invoice system etc.etc.) in Abap and Abap-Objects. Actually we are planing a new release for this backend stuff which is using the normal SAP Gui.

Maybe we plan for the next release to convert our app to a Web based app and we discuss what SAP technology we should use for that.

Here are my questions :

- When and why should we use Web-Dynpro (Java) ?

- Can't we use BSP ?

- Is there any future for BSP ?

- When will Web-Dynpro for ABAP be released (actually we are not a Java Shop so Abap is prefered)?

Hope someone can answer my question.