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Jul 14, 2011 at 05:10 AM

u201CDo Not Participateu201D Button after submitting the Response!



I was probing the exact business interpretations of u201CParticipateu201D, u201CDo Not Participateu201D. The information in the thread participate-donot-participate--tentative-buttons-p is very easy to understand and very much convincing. But the behavior or these buttons is highly confusing!

 Bidders can indicate their participation prior to submitting an RFx response 

1. The bidder gets u201CCreate Responseu201D button, even before confirming u201CParticipateu201D button. With this, it can be interpreted as u201CParticipateu201D it is an optional step, the bidders can go ahead creating the response, without clicking on u201CParticipateu201D button.

2. The u201CDo Not Participateu201D button is available even after the RFx Response is created and submitted. u201CDo Not Participateu201D button is also available in u201CRFx Responseu201D!

I think, once the Response is submitted, and then later if the bidder wishes not to participate, he/she should not click on u201CWithdrawu201D button. I also observed that, if the bidder clicks on u201CDo Not Participateu201D it does not control any further activities.

Why bidder is getting u201CDo Not Participateu201D button even after submitting the Response? Is it a bug?

Or how it should be interpreted?