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Jul 13, 2011 at 03:44 PM

Crystal Reports system layout requires database logon on SBO 8.81 PL06


Hi all,

We detected a problem with Crystal Reports system layouts. We have different pc's which we have updated to SAP Business One 8.81 PL06. (We are not sure that PL06 is the problem). We open an A/R invoice and go to File > Preview Layouts. Then we choose a system layout with Crystal Reports. On some system the preview is displayed without problems. On other systems a window opens with database login for this database ( If you enter the password an click on next the same window appears again with servername "." and database "UKLDG" (

We have copied the database from a system with this problem to another system without this problem and there the same database works too.

If you create an own report from this system layout and refresh the data source this layout works in opposite to the system layout.

Does anyone have an idea?

Kind regards