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Credit Instruments and Credit Check in S/4 HANA Logistics

Hello Guys,

I have a requirement:

I have created some condition types such as ZCR1 ZCR2 and placed in pricing procedure which will have the values of various credit insurments such as bank gurantee or fixed deposits etc...

A customer 3009 has a credit limit of £11,000

During the creation of sales order in the item conditions ZCR1 and ZCR2 where customer service will input the value as £10,000 for ZCR1 and £5000 for ZCR2 which will be totaled in subtotal as £15,000

Now this £15,000 should be added to the original credit limit of customer of £11,000 and his new updated credit limit should become £26,000 now.

for this requirement what do you propose what kind of development I can take up.

what FM can be used for this or do you have any other ideas?



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4 Answers

  • Dec 15, 2016 at 04:29 PM

    Hello Sridhar,

    You can use the User Exit available in Credit Management (LVKMPTZZ) and insert the custom code to enhance the Current limit with values from ZCR1 & ZCR2.

    Alternatively, how about adjusting the Credit Limit of the Customer itself by 15,000 and then reduce the same once the transaction is complete?

    Another alternative would be to use Financial documents in SAP.

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  • Dec 16, 2016 at 04:28 AM

    Are you absolutely sure that you need to increase the credit limit of a customer by creating an order instead of, for example, reducing the credit value of a document by some amount?
    Did your solution architect review the proposed solution? What about the corporate auditors? I can think of a few easy ways to manipulate and break this system. This means that the users will find a lot more.

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  • Dec 16, 2016 at 10:40 AM

    Hi Jignesh and Veselina,

    Thanks for your participation in my discussion and for your valuable suggestions.

    @ Veselina,

    The credit instruments will be supplied by the customer to the finance department in order to prove his ability to carry on with the order and the same will be inserted by the customer service upon finance department confirm to them.

    I can imagine the kind of manipulations you are indicating to, but this will be routed in various finance guys and then to CS.

    However this was directly a requirement from the customer and we as implementation team understand that the process is as is.

    Now when we create the sales order and the credit value which was increased because of credit instruments will be reduced to zero at the end of the billing as each sales order and the customer credit worth is limited to one only.

    @ Jignesh.

    Thanks again, and I will look into this option and update here once I have done with this.



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    • Why didn't you mention earlier, that this is a S/4 implementation? Didn't you realize, that this is important?

      VX11N (documentary payments) won't work - it is part of Foreign Trade functionality, but in S/4HANA you need to use GTS instead, this tcode is in the simplifications list.

      The conventional credit management and the exits, mentioned by Jignesh, also won't work, because you need to use FSCM-CM, if you want to have any credit management functionality.

      Considering the significant differences between S/4 and ECC, I would strongly suggest that you tag your question with S/4 HANA ans with FSCM, so that you have better chances to get help.

      As for learning what FSCM credit management is about, you can start with the SAP Help (there is a little known search function for it, use search terms FIN-FSCM-CR), you also can get some rds documents from SAP Best Practices Explorer - I am not a fan of these, but some people find them useful. I found no way to search the help site dedicated to S/4HANA - here is a good starting point: SAP User Assistance: SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM).

  • Dec 16, 2016 at 12:26 PM

    The process might be As-is but when it comes to SAP, you need to accustom with how SAP works. Having said this, the maximum credit limit should be set at master data level by the user and if at all, any change is required, may be the Finance team can have authorization to increase the credit limit. But I would not prefer the user to increase the credit value manually via sale order

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