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Jan 12, 2005 at 01:58 AM

Registering Add-on in 2004


Hi Everyone,

I have an add-on which I have created for SAP Business One 2004 using C#.NET and Visual Studio 2003. I have finally managed to get the add-on to install and run on my 2004 instance based on the code in the sdk samples, however somethings aren't quite working right:

1) The VS2003 compiler produces 2 files Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll and Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll, my application requires these to be placed in the same directory to run - is this normal? (currently I have written my installer to extract these during installation to make it work)

2) If I go to my task manager when the add-on has started, even though the application isn't very large (and mimics a few of the sdk examples) it creates a memory footprint of 60,000K which is bigger than most applications, including SBO - is this what most people find or am I doing something wrong?

3) In add-on Manager if I stop the add-on, my application continues to run in the background. Is there an event that I am supposed to catch to detect my add-on has been stopped, I thought of creating a Timer in my application to test the connection periodically, I would be keen to hear any advice on this.

Any help would be much appreciated on any of these! If anyone would like my C# examples I would be happy to provide some of these, or if you would like some help with installing an add-on I have conquered a few troubles along the way.