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Jan 12, 2005 at 03:19 AM

use variable in computations in SAP exit variable


hi BW gurus,

i'd like some help on a problem that i have. hope you could give me some insight/ideas on how to go about it.

i need to be able to make a report that will 1.) ask for user input on what month/years to evaluate (as current), and 2.) will output fields that are restricted to these month/years, as well as the previous years for these months - a past vs. "current" comparison, if you will. (for example, i input march-may 2004. the report would output keyfigures for march-may 2004 and march-may 2003.)

i've checked the business content and the sample code in the user exit, but i can't see any of them that provides for this need. has anyone done something like this? how was this sort of report provided?