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Jan 11, 2005 at 12:21 PM

DI - Export/Import JournalEntries to XML



I want to export all JournalEntries, with their JournalEntries_Lines, using SaveXML, and them import, loading the XML file, using the Company GetBusinessObjectFromXML function.

To export just one, I use

Dim oJE As SAPbobsCOM.JournalEntries

oJE = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oJournalEntries)

If oJE.GetByKey(23) Then


End If

but, how to export all? I tried with a recordset but it saves a XML file that after doesn´t work with the GetBusinessObjectFromXML function.

What is the XML format to import several JournalEntries with their JournalEntries_Lines, using GetBusinessObjectFromXML, or the JournalEntries.Browser.ReadXml method? Or, if there is another way to do that?

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot,

Ribeiro Santos