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Formating a selected cell within SAP Design Studio Crosstab

Dec 15, 2016 at 02:36 PM


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Dear all,

I found this post Post, where it is explained how to style a Crosstab with the help of CSS. In that suggestionI found the CSS-Clas:

.sapzencrosstab-SelectDataCell { background: orange !important; }

I was expecting, that the active Cell of the Crosstab then gets orange, however, it is not working for me.

I managed to change the color of the hover-behaviour to red, so I guess I got the right class. Do i have to look for something else instead?

Business Need: I want to implement a Checkbox to the Crosstab, when ever a cell is marked, the Background-Image of the Cell is changed from "unchecked" to "checked".



Right now I was just able to talk to the complete column, so when I click on a cell, the whole column gets marked.

Thanks in advance,

unchecked.png (4.8 kB)
checked.png (4.2 kB)
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On your first question, what browser are you using? This blog was just posted - it doesn't answer your question but provides more CSS guidance/links.

On your second question, are you doing planning in Design Studio, and if so, why not use the spreadsheet component?

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1 Answer

Vidhya V Dec 15, 2016 at 02:53 PM


Crosstab will not support Checkbox componement.

Please referred the below URL,



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