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SAP ECC Upgrade Enhancement Pack choice

Dec 15, 2016 at 02:30 PM


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I have a question on ECC upgrade. We are currently on ECC EHP3, planning to upgrade. Our leaders believes: we should be at leading edge then a bleeding edge So based on this theory help me understand:

currently on market we have EHP8. They want to go to pick EHP6 or EHP7 for upgrade rather than EHP8.

but based on my thought process, we should be on EHP8 as EHP8 will have everything what EHP7 or EHP6 has, & it makes sense to put our effort to the latest pack on enhancement pack upgrade now then again moving to EHP8 in next 3-4 years.

Once SAP Rlease EHP8 let say year 2016. In future if we going to upgrade to EHP8 in 2018, there will be no change in today's version that what we will implement in 2018.

That's my theory.

Help me understand which one is right approach!

Our current SAP ECC works more Standard, very less custom code added in SAP code & we dont have any another communication system apart from FTP.

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1 Answer

Harish Karra Dec 15, 2016 at 02:48 PM

Hi Anand,

Going with EhP8 gives lot of benefits in terms of avoiding multiple cycles especially all testing phases which you follow during the upgrade.

And also EhP7/8 enables an option of DB migration to HANA (EhP7 is the basic version if you want to go with HANA in future), moreover EhP8 is available since long and lot of customers implemented it and running their system without any issues. Obviously software brings in bugs and issues where we apply fixes to resolve them.

If we talk about Support patches then it makes sense to be at N-1 (Again an old theory) but coming to SPS/EhPs it is always better to be with latest available (as much as possible) as every EhP change is an upgrade.

One step approach can avoid multiple downtimes, lot of manual effort required for testing and execution etc..

Go thru below note for more info on requirements and restrictions, if any:

2171334 - EHP8 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP Stacks - Release &Information Note


Harish Karra

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