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changing IP address of BO Xi 3.1 server


I want to change the IP address of BO server, what all steps required to re-configure BO on this new IP address.

Does changing the host name has same impact or additional steps required to configure BO for new host name?



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    Oct 12, 2011 at 05:29 PM

    This note epxlain the steps necessary.


    Need to change the hostname of BOE XI 3.1 server machine


    1. Disable all job servers so schedules are protected until you are confident your changes have been executed correctly.

    2. Change the machine name. Restart the server and 3.0 backend is solid and working.

    3. Reconfigure the application servers. Stand alone or not, these may need to be reconfigured:

    a. Java based (Tomcat, Jboss, etc):

    - Make a copy and then edit the WEB.XML files which in Tomcat are under the following directories:

    1. <tomcat install dir>/webapps/CmcApp/WEB-INF

    2. <tomcat install dir>/webapps/InfoViewApp/WEB-INF

    - Edit each of the Web.xml files with a text editor

    Navigate to the context-param key. Edit to read as follows:


    <param-name> CMS </param-name>

    <param-value> NEWHOSTNAME </param-value>


    b. .NET based (IIS)

    - Create a copy and then edit the WEB.CONFIG files which are in the following directories:

    1. <BOINSTALL>\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\WebContent\InfoViewApp\CmcApp\

    2. <BOINSTALL>\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\WebContent\InfoViewApp\InfoViewApp\

    Navigate to the context-param key. Edit to read as follows:


    <param-name> CMS </param-name>

    <param-value> NEWHOSTNAME </param-value>


    4. Reconfigure the web.xml files if you have added any cluster and cluster member information in them or other references to the old server name

    5. Reconfigure the shortcuts created by the install: delete the old shortcuts and create new ones using the new URL

    6. Node names: if you have performed a default installation, the install creates a node with the name of the server in the format <node name>.<Server type>


    You can keep the old naming without affecting the functionality of the Business Objects Enterprise Installation but if you want to rename the nodes for more clarity:

    - log on to the CMC, navigate to Servers select Properties and rename it


    - create a new node, add it to the cluster, then delete the old one

    7. SIA node: it is not possible to change the SIA node name, you should create a new one and then create a new set of servers associated to the new SIA, once all tests confirm that the Business Objects deployment is fully functional you can delete the old one

    8. Ensure the File Repository Servers are still referencing the correct location for the file store root directory

    CMC > Servers

    They may still be using local location defined by default variables or they may have changed.

    Confirm they are still configured correctly.

    9. Database reporting: If there is a database on this server and you have created any machine name specific references to it for db reporting, these will need to be re-configured as well. Such configurations will not affect our application specifically but it will affect our application's ability to service your user requests.

    10. Change the default URL ("SI_VIEWER_URL") if you need to email the report to the users. Refer to the SAP Note 1259126 for the details.

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    • Hi,

      i dont believe that you have to do all these steps when you only change the IP- Adress. If you need to change the Hostname than you have to follow the above steps.

      Only the IP- Adress should be without any Impact.