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Jul 11, 2011 at 12:09 PM

Workflow fu00FCr TA: OKENN


In the Transaction OKENN it is possible to create AND change Kostcenter.

an this is my Problem:

I Created a Eventtrigger in the Function EXIT_SAPLKMA1_003 -> Include ZXKM1U03

In this Include i placed the trigger for the Function SWE_EVENT_CREATE. So far so good.

to avoid double Workflow aktivation is made a Dynpronumber Check like

IF SYST-UCOMM = 'SAVE' and SY-TCODE = 'OKENN'." Nur für Hirachiewanwendungen OKENN und save
      IF SYST-DYNNR = 3299.

But in Newdays the Dynpronumber STST-DYNNR is not always 3299. In some Cases it ist 1000 and then my WF wont start!

if i dont check the syst-dynnr Number the Workflow would start serverel Times.

How is it Possible to Know whitch SYST-DYNNR is uses in the TA OKENN ???

Or is there an onter way to avoid the double start of the WF?

Im hope i get some usefull Inforation.