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Jul 11, 2011 at 07:47 AM

Query Key Data vs. Temporal Hierarchy Join



We are having troubles in finding out what the relationship is between the query key date and a temporal hierarchy join.

Our set up is like this.

InfoObject ZORGUNIT is included in the query for using a hierarchy with temporal hierarcy join. The hierarchy is restricted using a data deriviation type to select the last day of the calmonth time characteristic.

At the same time the query includes a variable for key date based on some logic for finding the last day of the current vacation year. In this case. 30.04.2012 (Vacation year 01.05.2011 -> 30.04.2012).

In the same scenario we have one employee leaving the company at the 30.06.2011 and the organizational unit is closed at the same date.

When running this query no data is displayed even though vacation has been held in 06.2011. If i manually set the key date to a date before 30.06.2011 data is displayed.

My belif was that the derivation type for the temporal hierarchy join overruled the key date in the query but that seems incorrect.

Can anybody enlighten me?