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Application log (SLG1) Table

Dec 15, 2016 at 02:25 PM


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Hi Guys

I need assitance with the following:
On SLG1 when you click on the message it displays a message text below, I couldn't find any technical details on those message text. Does anybody know which table stores these logs or how I can read them to populate into a custom table? Specifically the field that shows that a message or PO has reached the target system, (201 Accepted).

Thank you

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Raymond Giuseppi
Dec 15, 2016 at 03:03 PM

Data is stored in tables like BALHDR, BALDAT (INDX type), but better use following FM :

  • BAL_DB_SEARCH Find logs in the database
  • BAL_DB_LOAD Load logs from the database


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After BAL_DB_LOAD, call BAL_LOG_MSG_READ for each "message handle", to know its details.

Richard Harper Dec 15, 2016 at 03:15 PM

These additional messages are specified using the 'parameters' parameter.

if you look at the help for function module BAL_LOG_MSG_ADD, and follow the link to I_S_MSG and Message parameters you will find really good documentation on how to do this.

I have an interface that uses application logs, One of the messages it produces is a list of files it will process:

l_FCount = Lines( lt_To_Process ).
If l_FCount = 0.
   r_Subrc          = Me->Error_No_Files_To_Process( ).
   ls_Log_Msg-MsgTy = Me->Warning_Message( ).
   ls_Log_Msg-MsgNo = '023'.
   l_LogRc = Write_Log_Message( ls_Log_Msg ).
   ls_Log_Msg-MsgTy = Me->Information_Message( ).
   ls_Log_Msg-MsgNo = '024'.
   Write l_FCount To ls_Log_Msg-MsgV1 Left-Justified.
   ls_Log_Parms-CallBack-UserExitP = ''.
   ls_Log_Parms-CallBack-UserExitF = 'Z_SDI_CALLBACK_PROCESS_FILES'.
   ls_Log_Parms-CallBack-UserExitT = Me->Application_Log_CallBack_Func( ).
   Loop at lt_To_Process Into l_File.
        Append Initial Line To ls_Log_Parms-T_Par Assigning <f_Log_Parm>.
        <f_Log_Parm>-Param = Me->Application_Log_Fn_Parameter( ).
        <f_Log_Parm>-Value = l_File.
        UnAssign <f_Log_Parm>.
   l_LogRc = Write_Log_Message( is_Msg    = ls_Log_Msg
                                is_Params = ls_Log_Parms ).
   Me->Set_File_List( lt_To_Process ).

In the application log it looks like this:

When you then click on the spy-glass you get:

You will note that there is a function module specified - Z-SDI_CALLBACK_PROCESS_FILES. This takes the data in the Params table and then converts it to an ALV Grid and displays that.


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