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Jul 08, 2011 at 02:34 PM

Can Measurment Field be validated??


Hi Experts,

I have a field called Selling Space (Type: Measurment)

Like you all know once this is set, user can enter a numeric value and can select the appropriate Measurment from the List Which is tied to the same field.

Now, i need to restrict the user to select Either ''Sq feet'' or ''sq meters'' .

If he select any other type from the drop down then the validation should fail!!!

Is it possible to validate a measurment field??

I thought of using the Has any values but not sure how to include the measurments in it!!!!!!

I thought of placing the ''Sq feet'' and ''sq meters'' in a lookup table , But then it will be 2 fields..

Selling space

Measurment look up field (from were user select either of the 2 values)

What would you suggest??

Kind Regards