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Jan 06, 2005 at 05:37 PM

Local client copy of 000 after installation fails


I'm trying to install XI. I installed Web AS 6.40 (from the SR1 installation) ABAP stack. Before installing the Java Add-In I need to make a copy of client 000. I login using client 000 and SAP*, goto SCCL and without even getting to the transaction I get the following error message:

"Target client is prodductive and protected against client copy."

(It's message no. TA133) -- I got into SCC4 (like help suggested) and the only users I have are 000 and 066 ("Test EarlyWatch Profiles"). 000 is set to "SAP Reference", not "Productive".

The thing is I never even get to enter the target client; I never get to enter anything in the transaction, it throws me out immediatly.

I managed to get a step further by following these steps:

1. Using SCC4 I created a copy 000 (001)

2. Logged out from 000

3. Logged in using 001 and SAP*/PASS

4. Went to SCC4, deleted the 001 entry and saved (if I don't delete it I get the same error as before)

Then when I went to SCCL (while still logged in with the deleted 001 client) I got the transaction. It put 001 as the target (which is fine by me), I selected a copy profile but and selected 000 as the source -- but when I tried to execute I got the same problem as before.

(I'm sure it's apparent that the whole ABAP world is new to me 😉 this is just me trying to install an XI test system in the office.)

What am I missing here?