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Jul 07, 2011 at 07:49 AM

PDF Version 1.7 (Reader 9.x) not supported by SAP Adobe Document Services?



The problem: I use Adobe Livecycle Designer 9 for development of Adobe Interactive Forms. The properties of my ADIFs are set to PDF Version 1.7 (Reader 9.x). Therefore I use XFA-Framework 2.8 in my JavaScript. In preview mode of adobe livecycle designer (in transaction SFP) everything works fine. But if I use sap (just try to test the form in trs. SFP) to generate my adobe form, some JavaScript coding does not work.

Reason: Adobe Document Services supports PDF Version 1.7 with Rader 8.x (=> XFA Version < 2.8).

By the way the PDF Version on ADS is set to 1.6 (Reader 7.x) by default. If you want to change it use note [834573|] or set PDFVERSION - parameter to = '1.7' when generating the form in your code.

My question: Does anyone know if it is or going to be (before the next millennium) possible to update/whatever the Reader Version to 9.x on adobe document services? I only could find the mentioned note [834573|]. The king of out-of-date-updates (=sap) only mentions the reader version 8.1 there.