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Jul 06, 2011 at 01:28 PM

Adding Infotypes from PA to Recruitment


Hi Xperts!

Due to client´s requirement we need to include some infotypes from PA to RCT. We apply the Note 308637 'Employee infotypes in application management' for the infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents). We applyed the note also for the infotype 0394 cause some fields correspond to it for MOLGA=29 (Argentina). This infotype (0394) cannot be create for simple transaction, only you can complete through infotype 0021.

We followed the steps of the note, and we achieve to use the infotype 21 for applicants in the transaction PB30, but when we use the PA40 (hiring with data transference) in orden to transport the applicant master data to employee master data, the infotype 21 cannot bring the data of infotype 0394, generating with this that some mandatory fields appear blank. The corresponding tables creates using the note (PB0021 and PB0394) has the data generated from PB30.

We need the help of SAP HCM experts to understand why this infotypes dont bring the data from Applicants, and how we can solve this?

Thanks in advance.