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Jul 06, 2011 at 07:53 AM

Sending data to SAP PI system from Standard tcode without Enhancement


Dear Friends !

Good day ! How are you ?

I have one requirement , My client asks me to develop a solution in that I should get the data from standard SAP tables like EKKO, EKPO ( MM related ) etc.. and send it to PI system and then PI system sends it to third party system database system.

We have current scenario is working fine, I have abap proxy that I called in various standard transaction codes ( MIRO, MIGO, etc ) ' Baddis just beforethe commit stament and it passed the data to SAP PI system and it sends to SQL system.

but my client dont want me to use Baddis. Client wants like u should read from those EKKO,EKPO tables as soon as you get new entry there and send it to PI system. I have no clue How can I go further in that. Shall I use events ? but then question is same I need to trgger them somewere? Is any one have idea How I can send the data to PI system frm SAP standard tcodes and tables without using Baddis.

Please reply me. your any help will be appreciated.