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Jul 06, 2011 at 06:24 AM

SAP BW Authorisation in Bo


In our organisation SAP BW and BO XIR3 (3.1) has been installed. And SSO being implemented between both the system . User accounts are created at BW level which were used for BO even.

We have maintained authorisation by hierarchy at BW side and wanted to make use of these same authorisation at BO side ..but we were popped with error "No Data to retrieve" (even though data exists ..


(1) WEBI report on BW Query (through universe connection has SSO)

(2) user created "XYZ at BW level

(3) Hierarchy level: Region (NORTH , SOUTH , WEST , EAST) maintained at BW level

For user "XYZ" authorisation has been maintained at region level (Ex: AUTH_NORTH)

Now , "XYZ"user has to restricted to view only NORTH region data this case we were

prompted with specified error "No data to retrive" at BO side ..and when same user access the same Query in BW ..he is able view only NORTH region data

But when we provide REGION_ALL authorisation to user XYZ at BW level user able to view data in BO for all regions ..without any error ..

Can you please help us maintaining authorisation for a single REGION (ex: AUTH_NORTH)

Help will be really appreciated ....