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Jul 06, 2011 at 05:52 AM

Can SPM realize AP requirement?



Our company wanna to use SPM to realize AP reporting requirement? Is it possbile?

The AP reporting requirement contains these fields:

company code--from invoice data

cost center---from invoice data

GL account----from invoice data

PO number----from invoice data

vendor---from invoice data

Invoice number-----from invoice data

invoice amount-----from invoice data

invoice paid amount----from AP data

payment term -

from AP data

invoice status----from GL data

invoice date------from invoice data

invoice paid date-----from AP data

So basiclly, the datasource cover AP and invoice. I wanna to know can SPM realize this requirement? There are some questions related:

Will SPM data management tool just use some specific standard datasources? For example, 2LIS_06 for invoices, 2LIS_02 for purchase ordersu2026Per SPM documents I found on web, no AP SPM BI content mentioned. Can 0FI_AP_4 datasource be used by SPM?

Shall we use customized DSO in SPM? Not standard ones---0ASA_DSXX

Can datasource be enhanced in SPM?