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Jul 06, 2011 at 02:08 AM

BDC on GB01


Hi Friends,

we are using BDC for GB01 transation and we are facing problems with the specific scenario.

If the users go into transaction GB01 and do the postings - under the Target Ledger if "Specify Target Ledger" is selected

Then if we use BDC to do postings, it works good.

But if users selected the " Post to all assigned Ledgers" option and do the postings, after that if we use BDC, we are getting the error as "Target Ledger Field is not found on Screen XXX"

I know this is a dynamic field and is getting activated when you select the "Specify Target Ledger" Option.

But while running BDC its not getting activated.. How can we overcome this problem.

Please help me.