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Jan 04, 2005 at 10:05 PM

Integrating Java classes in EJB DC (JDI)



I am developing an EJB application in a JDI environment, that is, using DCs. Apart from regular EAR, EJB, WD development components we need to create a DC which contains simple POJOs - common Java classes such as value objects, exceptions, etc. which will be used within other DCs.

Therefore, I first created a regular Java DC, coded all appropriate classes and then referenced the DC from within my EJB DC using the "Used DCs" dialog.

It did not work out - the CBS cannot find the files.

Then I found out that the solution might be to use a J2EE Library DC instead of a common Java DC. It tried it as described in the help but again, no success.

Does anyone have a short explanation or any suggestions how I can get this to work?

Thanks in advance!

Harald Schubert