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Jul 05, 2011 at 02:51 PM

Can this be done using Crystal Reports????


Good Day to All,

I have a label request but doesn't use data coming off a database. It pretty simple label at that.

Just a title and unique sequential number and a barcode. That's about it.

- An unique sequential number is required for each request. Need to have the ability to somehow recognize the last sequential number used in-order to print the next sequential number(s).

- Always print two (2) identical labels for each request

- Need to have he ability to print more than one unique sequential number label at a time

- Full ASCII barcode

- The format of the sequential number is:

sequential alpha/number is eight (8) characters long

the FIRST character is ALWAYS an "A"

the SECOND character is ALWAYS "2"

the remaining 6 characters are numeric sequential

start with A2035000 as the 1st sequential number for testing and Go-Live

For example, if 3 unique sequential labels are needed, the following needs to be generated:




Kind Regards,

David Martinez