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Jul 05, 2011 at 01:19 PM

auto logout time different per users



we are using almost all modules in ECC. So we have 2 kinds of SAP users, the administrative ones and the operational ones.

The administrative ones is using SAP all the day by creating purchase orders, process orders or recording control results by example. When they make an activities in SAP they can completed the task without any interruption.

But we have as well operational users who are using SAP to make physical activities like to place pallet in the warehouse with WM functions and to weight a drum from the PI-sheet in PPPI.

The auto logout is after 15 minutes of inactivity and I don't find how to set it up per users. In deed, the operator in production needs time between each weighing meaning stick label, remove the previous drum, take the new one, write information on the paper batch record, ... The time between 2 actions in SAP is more than 15 minutes. So the operator is automatically logout between each weighing and it takes around 2 minutes to log again and reload the Pi-sheet. By example, to weight 46 drums the operator will lost more than 1,5 hour. It's not acceptable by the production.It increases the production time of 16%.

How can I set up a auto logout time to 15 minutes or less for the administrative users and 1 hour for the production users located in a protected area ( no access by external people) ?

thanks in advance for your answer


V Noirot

PPPI team lead