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Jul 05, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Error in calling/converting smart form from ECC to pdf in portal.



We have a requirement in our project where we have to show IT form in portal exactly in the way payslip are shown in ESS

Screen, that is in the pdf form in ess portal screen.

For this my HR abap consultant has made one customize smart form which is being called from a RFC FM.

After the FM lf_fm_name gets executed , the OTF data is being captured and then converted in to PDF.

After that the PDF is then converted into XSTRING format which is then supplied to the portal side through export parameter

of the RFC.

Now when we debugged the RFC, the conversion is taking place perfectly fine in to XSTRING.This is wat we assume.

Portal Side: I have used Iframe ui ELEMENT in my webdynpro java and its property source I have binded with a value attribute

of type string and I am executing above customize RFC given to me by my HR abap consultant and after executing that RFC with

userID and payroll year as its import parameter I am taking export parameter of that RFC with name pdf_string of type XSTRING

of that RFC into my webdynpro java value attribute which i binded to source property of Iframe.

Now when we see the output in portal , first of all pdf is not getting generated and its showing the error message:

file does not begin with '%pdf-' and secondly errored Adobe form getting opened outside Iframe window its not coming within

Iframe window like what payslip comes inside Iframe UI element.

I want to know what mistake we are doing in our ABAP coding or portal coding.

Please help.