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Former Member
Jan 04, 2005 at 04:27 PM

How do I change the transfer method?


Hi all;

I have installed one infocube from Business content, and it doesn't have any trans. st. or trans rule the transfer method is IDOC instead of PSA, I am guessing that's why I don't have trans st. but I would like to change that to PSA and want to assign a data source. when I click on the assign DS button I don't have the required data source that I need for this trans st. on the list. There are couple of data source on the drop down list when I assign and activated it works but when I push the green button and come back from the transaction and go there again. I don't see any trans. st. it's the same I had before transfer method is IDOC again. Could anyone please help me here. thank you in advance.