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Jan 04, 2005 at 02:36 PM

Portal and SAP Backend system languages are different


Hi all,

not sure if this is a Content Development problem, or an Implementation issue.

Anyway, in our scenario we have users that logon to the portal in many different languages, outside de ISO8859P1 codepage. Not a problem for the portal since it's unicode. However, the backend SAP systems are not, and they have only 1 codepage installed: ISO8859P1.

I noticed that when a user logs on in a language that is not installed on the backend system (regardless of the codepage) the single sign on fails miserably with a message that the language is not installed. I guess this is because either JCo or the Logon Ticket sents the portal language as part of the logon.

To my best of knowledge, the logon ticket does not contain this information, nor does the system landscape configuration, so it must come from the portal or browser.

Now for the question: Is there any way to set the SAP logon language fixed for every user to a backend system (we must use SAP Logon Tickets), regardless of their portal language?

Much obliged