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Jan 04, 2005 at 02:32 PM

Naming Problems with EJB when accessing from WebApplication


Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy an application consisting of several stateless session beans, one message driven bean and a web application. Everything works fine, until I try to log in (webapp). Then I get the following error: Path to object does not exist at ik, the whole lookup name is ik/sec/IKAuthenticationEJB.

So the lookup name ik/sec/IKAuthenticationEJB is used in the code, whereas the JNDI Name of the requested bean is (As showed in the Admin Tool). I'm wondering why there is this "" as I choosed a different name for the provider (But the error remains even if I change it to "").

As I cannot find any information about the "NameNotFoundException" I just tried the following:

- add a "ejb-ref" section to web.xml







- add a web-j2ee-engine.xml to the Web Application:






Does anybody know what to do? Did I declare the references in a wrong way?

Is there a complete API Javadoc available? I just found the very small one on SDN...

Thanks a lot,