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Former Member
Jan 04, 2005 at 11:14 AM

HELP: Deployment of i-views onto a clustered environment.


Hi all,

I was just after a quick check that what I am about to do won't break things. We have developed a number of java i-views which have deployed onto UAT and tested and are now ready for production. The production servers are clustered so things a bit different. If we were to take 1 of these servers off the load balancer and deploy all the i-views and set up the pages and roles will this effect the other servers? They are sharing the same PCD. Once everything is working on this one server the same process will be carried out on the other 3 production servers, which means the iviews can be accessed from all 4 servers.

This is probably very simple but I just wanted to double check, with people who have done this before.

Thanks in advance.

Nick Mitchell