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Jul 05, 2011 at 04:00 AM

system core dumped --- ORA-00943





Error analysis

An R/3 System process was terminated by an operating system signal.


Signal c00 received by operating system


Starting user session: OCISessionBegin(con_hdl=0, usr='/',svchp=0000000003CF0038, srvhp=0000000003CF1058, usrhp=0000000003CFDF70)

C CbApplInfoGet() failed (ignored 1).

C Connected to session 114.

C Now '/@R3D' is connected: con_hdl=0, nls_hdl=0, session_id=114.

C OCIStmtExecute() failed with -1=OCI_ERROR

C SQL error 942:

C *** ERROR => ORA-942 when accessing table SAPUSER

http://dbsloci.c 11925

C Disconnecting from connection 0 ...

C Closing user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=0000000003CF0038,usrhp=0000000003CFDF70)

C Now I'm disconnected from ORACLE

C Info: 99=DBSL_ERR_DB, oerr=942, try to connect with default password.

C Connecting as SAPSR3/<pwd>@R3D on connection 0 (nls_hdl 0) ... (dbsl 701 140910)

C Nls CharacterSet NationalCharSet EnvHp ErrHp ErrHpBatch

C 0 UTF8 0000000003CE7EB0 0000000003CAE820 0000000003CF0178

C Starting user session: OCISessionBegin(con_hdl=0, usr=SAPSR3/<pwd>, svchp=0000000003CF0038, srvhp=0000000003CF1058, usrhp=0000000003CFDF70)

C Connected to session 114.

C Now 'SAPSR3/<pwd>@R3D' is connected: con_hdl=0, nls_hdl=0, session_id=114.

C Database NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8

C DB instance R3D is running on JETRDEV6 with ORACLE version since JUN 26, 2011, 04:08:08

B Connection 0 opened (DBSL handle 0)

M db_connect o.k.

M ICT: exclude compression: .zip,.cs,.rar,.arj,.z,.gz,.tar,.lzh,.cab,.hqx,.ace,.jar,.ear,.war,.css,.pdf,.js,.gzip,.uue,.bz2,.iso,.sda,.sar,.gif,.png,.swc,*.swf

I MtxInit: 1 0 0

M SHM_PRES_BUF (addr: 000000000E5A0050, size: 4400128)

M SHM_ROLL_AREA (addr: 000007FFDDA80050, size: 268435456)

M SHM_PAGING_AREA (addr: 0000000010090050, size: 134217728)

M SHM_ROLL_ADM (addr: 000000000E9E0050, size: 2760892)

M SHM_PAGING_ADM (addr: 0000000003330050, size: 525344)

M ThCreateNoBuffer allocated 544152 bytes for 1000 entries at 0000000003520050

M ThCreateNoBuffer index size: 3000 elems

M ThCreateVBAdm allocated 12176 bytes (50 server) at 0000000002FB0050

X EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).

X MM global diagnostic options set: 0

X <ES> client 1 initializing ....

X Using implementation view

X ES initialized.

X mm.dump: set maximum dump mem to 96 MB

M Deactivate statistics hyper index locking

SAP ECC6 is installed on windows 2008 64 bit

Kindly help to resolve this issue.