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Jul 04, 2011 at 09:42 PM

Batch determination during GR



I have a production order of Z1. It has in its BoM B1. Z1 and B1 are managed in batches. Order qty of 10 EA requires 10 EA of B1.

When I do batch determination in production order components overview, system proposes different batches of B1 available in stock. Suppose system propose A001 batch number 6 qty and A002 batch number of 4 qty for B1 material code and I choose it.

I do goods issue.

My client says when I do Goods reciept of production order of Z1 10 EA, system should only allow Goods reciept of Z1 6 qty in batch A001 and next 4 EA in batch A002( i.e only those batches whch have been issued ). No other batches should be allowed during Goods reciept of production order.

How to map this? Kindly help please..