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Jul 04, 2011 at 02:00 AM

PPDS PPM is deactivated


Dear Experts,

As we know whenever we put to (lock for any usage) a Production Version in R/3 this change is logged in table CIF_PPM_CHANGED which is then picked up by program RSPPMCHG. After running program RSPPMCHG the PPDS PPM in APO in return gets inactive and the description is changed to: Plan Invalid (Prod.Vers. Deleted in R/3).

The problem is our PPDS PPM is in inactive status and has a description: Plan Invalid (Prod.Vers. Deleted in R/3).

The change in PPM is dated 6/20/2011 in APO.

We already checked MM04 to display any changes for the material and the last change was dated 4/20/2011 for C223.

There is no change from 6/20/2011.

How come the PPDS PPM in APO gets inactive if there is no changes in the Production Version in R/3? Is there any other way to deactivate the PPM aside from running program RSPPMCHG? is there a log in APO to see the changes made in the PPM?

Hope anyone can help me.

Thanks and best regards,