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Jul 02, 2011 at 06:09 AM

PM Reports: Need to find the sum of a particular field in the output.


Hello Experts,

I have an issue. I have developed the report to calculate the power per ton. It is PM module.

Input is : DATE & Measuring Point.

Output required is : For a particular date , What is the power consumed per ton.

Its is calculated by the formula Power consumed per day / Production.

I have multiple entries for production ( because different material are used ) per date and a single entery for power (because power is taken as total power consumed per day)

Hence im getting the output as

For example:

date power production power/ton

01.03.2011 5000 100 50.00

01.03.2011 5000 50 100.00

01.03.2011 5000 25 200.00

01.03.2011 5000 75 66.66

The desired result is

date power production power/ton

01.03.2011 5000 250 20.00

I need to sum the production field.

How can I achieve this ?

Please help.