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Jul 02, 2011 at 02:09 AM

whats happeming to daily ranking



I am posting this thread after being so much depressed. Score at SDN has never been a source of motivation for but last 30 days top contributor at ERP FINANCIAL forum is obviously a source of pleasure for me and my mates. What i observe daily is that after 24 hours my contribution ranking gets deducted automaticaly (please note that overall life time score remains same) . I would like to give you an example yesterday my ranking score was 696 and total life time score were 1609 but when i see them today life time score are same but my ranking score has declined to 636. Why is it happening to only me, other contributor on the forum remain unaffected. Their daily ranking remains intact. Why me? I am very demoralized due to this strange system behaviour. No doubt knowledge gained at SDN has no match but still i want to know why is it happening to me. I will wait for modertaors detailed reply.