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Jan 01, 2005 at 04:04 AM




In the search criteria, we have a field called User. Here I am supposed to remember the user Id. P023345, that is pretty difficult. I am sure there is a way to use , username, but whenever I do that, it says not a valid user. Suppose if I put name John, then it should consider it as %John% and fetch the result.

In ABAP Forum, we constantly have to paste code, so if we can have the code button along with the bold, italic, underline and spellcheck. I agree with your argument that this becomes very specific to a forum. However, I look at the [code ] and [ /code] as a verbatim tag rather than a code tag. So if I need to put any tables and use this tag, it won't get distorted.

Lastly, if we can have/update the FAQ with something like good practices of posting a query.

Happy New Year to everyone of you at SDN and all the SDN'ers and once again thanks for this great forum.


Subramanian V.

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