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Jul 01, 2011 at 02:52 PM

Duplicate Records and CrossTab data


I have configured my report so record count data is correct by using Groups. I have the following Groups:

G1 = Company

G2 = RMA#

G3 = RMA Line Number

Then all line item detail is displayed in the G3 header so duplicate records do not show. I then use Running Totals to get a Total line count for the report. That all works great.

My problem comes in when trying to show data counts within a cross tab table. The cross tab always reverts to the raw detail counts so values in the cross tab are way higher than actual. When I try to utilize my running Total Counts as the Summarized fields in the CrossTab the numbers are not correct.

Further Detail.

My detail records have the following characteristic. When a Line item is received it creates a record. If the line item is revered (becasue of a mistake) it creates a second record with a -1 value. When I receive the line in again it creates another record. So I actually only have 1 item but there are 3 records associated with it. The cross Tab then counts 3 records instead of 1. This artificially inflates the counts.

Maybe I just can't use CrossTabs in this situation?