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Jul 01, 2011 at 01:55 PM

Use of SAP DMS & SAP Archive Link both together


Dear DMS Experts,

I am little bit new to DMS and have very less idea about functionalities and capabilities of SAP DMS & Archive Link.

I have got few questions:

1. Is it possible to use both SAP DMS & SAP Archive link togther.

For example, there are certain objects like GRN, Invoice, Employee etc which are not supported in standard DMS.

However, they are supported in archive link.

But at the same time, there is requirement of setting and resetting of some statuses of the documents attached with PM notification or with PR / PO. This functionality is available with SAP DMS.

So I want to know, is it possible to use SAP archive link for few objects and SAP DMS for other objects.

2. In case of SAP archive link configuration, we need to define link between Object Type, Document type and content repository

in node "Edit Links" under "Basic Customizing" under "ArchiveLink".

Here we can not use all the content repository which we have created normally. But we can use only limited content repository ID.

How does system decides, which content repository id can be used.? Where can i define that.?

3. With SAP archive link, can i store my documents in the same content repository in which I am storing my all the documents with SAP DMS. I mean to say, both the SAP DMS & Archive link, can share the same content repository.

We are having a seperate content server and requirement is to store all the documents in content server only.

Would request you all to please help.

Thanks & Regards,

Mihir Popat