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Jul 01, 2011 at 11:25 AM

Class Item with Alternative Values


Hi all,

I wonder if you know how to solve the following case for VC.


I has a BOM item type K. The class 200 is properly assigned to several articles. (lets assume that only one characteristic is used = COLOR)

By using procedures, I read the values of the characteristics for matching and assigned to those that define the class 200. (So, class 300 do not used the characteristics used for class 200)

The values are properly found when matching. (this is working fine)


When sales order is entered, lets assumed that the following two characteristics are entered: COLOR_1 and COLOR_2.

During BOM explosion, via procedures, I must used COLOR1 to search in the class 200 and only if no values exists then I need to used COLOR_2.


Normally, I wrote two procedures, one that assign COLOR = COLOR_1 and another that assign COLOR = COLOR_2. But procedure 2 can only be used in case of procedure 1 do not find matching value.

Hoping you can give me some clues here,

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: Is any way to know when I got a positive (or negative) result from a class 200 durinb BOM explosion. ?