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Dec 30, 2004 at 02:46 PM



I have been trying to use BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 to generate the header for a sales order to shich items will be added later. I am having problems specifying my partners.

The docs say the partner role must use the german keyword, e.g. WE for ship to party. The problem is, my tables are set up with US abbreviations, e.g. SP.

I have tried passing both SP and WE, and get errors for each. SP tells me i have not passed a ship to (because i assume it looks for "WE" hardcoded, as i have seen in the code, and WE, which tells me the customer number is not valid, becuase, again i assume, that it is looking in KNVP for the customer number set up as a WE.

I have checked my sales org, etc, and everything is ok. I have run it with the convert parameter both off and on, and it seems to have no effect.

Stranger still, if i enter the parameters into SE37 in test mode, i dont get the errors back, and it looks like the order would be created. when i use the exact same parameters in my abap, i get the errors.

I am lost.