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Jul 01, 2011 at 06:15 AM

Inactive via formulae of incorrect condition tye error


Dear Team

I have made a Z condition record ZVRN with the below mentioned parameters :-

Condition class D Taxes

Calculat.type C Quantity

Condit.category D Tax

Cond.control A Adjust for quantity variance

Condit.origin A Automatic pricing

WE maintain condition record against this condition thru FV11 for UoM so that the value in reflected in tax section of PO.

E.g I maintain condition record thru FV11 as shown below for palnt,vendor and material combination.

120000010 CEMENT 0.98 INR 1 BAG

So if PO quantity is 100 then against ZVRN value will be shown as 98 INR in tax section of PO.

But problem is my condition type ZVRN is inactive due to errror "Inactive via formulae of incorrect" .

Please suggest.