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Jul 01, 2011 at 02:45 AM

File to Mail Passthrough Scenario - Filename in E-Mail Subject.


Hey Friends,

We have a simple File to File scenario, we are picking a flat file and passing it to receiver system without any Message Mapping. We developed this interface without configuring any ESR objects (passthrough scenario). Now we have a need that we have to send an e-mail notification as well once the file is transferred, the subject line of e-mail should have the filename. To achieve this, we configured Mail as an additional receiver (and maintained the sequencing). The problem we are facing is that we don't know of any way to get the filename in the e-mail Subject.Since we are not doing any message mapping, we can't use ASMA.

Is there any way in which we can get the filename in the e-mail subject without using ASMA? I know we can send the whole file as an attachment but we don't want that. We just want a notification e-mail with Filename in the subject Line.

Appreciate your help.



Edited by: Saif Manzar on Jul 1, 2011 6:55 AM