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Jun 30, 2011 at 10:47 PM

FMS using values in row items of form


Hi Experts,

I have a situation where i provide a list of values to the user using a format search to get the required serial number. the format search appears in the following manner

Find |_<text to be found>___|

<Search Results from the query>


*Manufac, Serial

Serial Number

Batch ID*






Now in my form i need to enter all three data items listed in my format search but when i select the entire row from my FMS I only get the value to the row item that i defined the FMS. Can any one let me know if there is a way to get the relevant values filled to the relevant columns. i don't want to define the same FMS to three columns.

One way that i found is to use the following command in the manufacturer Serial and Batch ID columns and set the format search to refresh every time the serial number changes --- but it didn't work -

or i did it wrong --- please help

SELECT T0.[SuppSerial] AS 'Manufacturer Serial No.' FROM [dbo].[OSRI] T0 WHERE T0.IntrSerial = '$http://$21.54.1'

21 = formID, 54 = Column , 1 = row.