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Jun 30, 2011 at 07:40 PM

Batch split not happening during delivery


Hi Experts,

I have enough of stock for a material with different batches (with different expiry dates). When I create an order for qty 100, system confirms it on a certain date taking 1st batch nearest to expiry date, as per the search startegy set in the cponfiguration.Please note here that the batch that system picks has got only 50 qty in stock, but it shows whole 100 qty against it. Probably because Batch split is not possible during sales order creation, hence system showing whole qty against one batch.

Now, when I try to create delivery, it shows only 50 qty of the same batch in delivery document. I select the line item and go to the "Batch split" tab to effect batch split, but system does not allow. It says "Batch already specified for material".Here is the detail for your analysis-

Batch in item 000010 already specified for material 2000978

Message no. VL221


The batch was either predefined in the sales order that the delivery is based on or it was assigned to the delivery item manually. Therefore, you can no longer carry out a batch split for the delivery quantity of the items.


In order to make the batch split possible, you can cancel the assignment of the delivery item to the batch, if the delivery's processing status allows.

Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance,