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Jun 30, 2011 at 06:04 PM

Spliting parallel operation in Master recipe C202



In our factory there are 15 operations (15 filling machines= 15 Resources) that works in same times " Start-Start" and machine time was given as per Machine (ex.1H/50EA)

1- I created the 15 Resources with standard formulas of scheduling SAP002= (SAP_02 * SAP_09 / SAP_08 / SAP_11)

2- I created my Master recipe with the 15 operations and the 15 phases (Relationship= S-S)

3- Now if i created Prod order for 1000EA

=> i m surpised that the system does not execute the correct scheduling!!!

the result of my parametre is:

to produce 1000EA the system required 20 H for each operations start at 30/06/11 06h00:00 and finished at=start day +20h

But in reality : to produce 1000EA with 15 machines we need = (Req time for one machine/15machines) =20h/15= 1.33H

How can we configure scheduling purpose

Please note that we working by the master recipe C202 and I searched in the details for operation in order to find the zone where we can maintain the split number (does not exist)

Best regard