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Dec 29, 2004 at 08:51 PM

Filling the Selection Screen of a Called Program


Hi SAP Gurus need your help...

I have a selection screen on execution it will take you to an ALV report. On the menu bar of the ALV report I have few push buttons. Every push button calls different transacitons.

My requirement is whenever I click on a push button, the values from the initial selection screen need to be filled (retained) in the selection screen of the called program(transaction), without modifying the called program. So I cannot use SPA/GPA or Import/export parameters.

I have used the following logic to fill the selection screen of the called program, for the fields which are common for both the scelection screens. For example. I was able to retain the Material Number on initial selection screen and the called program (selection screen).




My issue is, I have Container ID on the initial selection sceen and Trailer Id on the called program. The value for both these fields are same, the table names and field names/size are different but they are of the same type C. I need to retian the value of the ContainerID of the Initial sceen with the trailer ID of the called program.