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Jun 30, 2011 at 11:03 AM

restore best way


Dear Experts ,

what is the best way to restore the backup on oracle.

I have done the following steps

1. source system - taken the offline backup with archive on hdd . parameters was

a. backup_dev_type = disk

b. backup_root_dir = D:\104db13bkp

c. stage_root_dir = D:\104db13bkp

d. archive_copy_dir = D:\104db13bkp

e. archive_stage_dir = D:\104db13bkp

started db13 and got the result

"BR0292I Execution of BRARCHIVE finished with return code 0 "

2. copied the folder d:\104db13bkp to Target system

3. copied begfefpy.afd , backSID.log, archSID.log and aegfeiix.svd file to target d:\oracle\SID\sapbackup

4. done some changed according to above information in file in target system

and started restore with the command

brrestore -b begfefpy.afd -m full

restore is successfuly done

Now my question is

1. what about the archive log restore ?

2. do i have to give saperate command to restore archive logs .

3. what is about control files .

pl. advice if any thing is wrong or missing in above procedure.